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"Magnolia Flower" is the only flower trade base in Latvia, which offers the highest quality roses from the leading flower nurseries in Kenya and Ecuador, as well as a wide assortment of all seasonal flowers and exotic greens. 

We also offer modern and original vases from Scandinavian manufacturers, candlesticks and candles.

Our professional florists work with the latest fashion trends every day to create flower arrangements or flower boxes according to your individual preferences. Flower surprises that will be remembered for a long time! - We are the best representatives of Kenya's Red Land roses and Uhuru Flowers, as well as Ecuador's Parfait roses and Garda Export in the Baltics.

How are those roses different?

  1. Twice as big flower heads!
  2. Much longer flower life in a vase!
  3. Roses have an excellent texture and shape!
  4.  Roses have high-quality, beautiful leaves!
  5. You can also give even one rose - and it also will look gorgeous!


The main factor inherent in all these growers - is quality - they offer only extra-grade roses. - Our most important advantage, which allows the roses to live longer in the vase - we deliver them directly from the grower, without the stock exchange and intermediaries, to our Latvian warehouse. This ensures the highest quality, freshness and longer life in a vase!

How are flowers delivered from Kenya and Ecuador to Latvia?

The roses are cut, after which strict flower cooling rules are applied for at least six hours, "sleeping" them and preparing them for the trip. They are then placed in containers containing nutrient preservatives, which are then carefully selected, secured and labeled. After a thorough quality inspection, the roses are placed in transportable boxes to carry the Air to Europe - our Latvian warehouse.
red land roses


Red Land Roses is Kenya's leading rose grower, offering more than 50 varieties of extra-class shrub roses and 130 varieties of standard roses, which consistently win first place at international shows. 

The kennel is located in the town of Ruiru, at an altitude of 2000m above sea level. The Red Land Roses kennel stands out for its sustainability, quality, interesting flower picking process and significant charitable work.

Red land roses offer standard, shrub and peony type (garden) roses, from 40 cm to 90 cm.

Red land roses are distinguished by a special approach

  1. 100% handmade. All operations are performed by the employees' hands (spraying, inspection, analysis, etc.)
  2. Knowledge. The extraction of roses is also special - which takes place three times a day, cutting the roses at the right stage of ripeness. The lifespan of a rose in a vase depends on cutting the rose at the right time.
  3. Quality. The quality of 'red land roses' is checked three times before being sent to the customer: after cutting, at marking and when placed in transport boxes.
  4. Innovation. "Red land roses" offers more than 100 different varieties of roses and always selects new and modern varieties, which constantly allows you to be the best in your industry.
  5. Caring for the environment. Red Land roses are an internationally recognized 'green garden' that respects people and the environment. Green labels have been awarded by a number of environmental and fair trade organizations.


Uhuru, which means "freedom" in Swahili, is located on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya near the city of Timava. The kennel is located at an altitude of 2600 m above sea level, making it one of the highest rose nurseries in Kenya. - Uhuru flowers also follow similar conditions to Red land roses in special rose care, using manual rather than computerized manipulations. - Uhuru has gained its world fame with large-headed roses similar to Ecuadorian roses, which are less common among Kenyan growers.


Ecuador's leading flower nurseries - unmatched quality and the highest standards, are the unifying motto of these flower growers. Ecuadorian roses differ from others by their unusually large rose head size, gorgeous petals and longevity in a vase. There are about 100 varieties of roses on offer, available lengths from 50 cm to 1 m.


Fully appreciate your ideas about flowers - let's prove that flowers don't fade in a vase the next day - Deliver top class flowers - Offer the widest assortment of roses for both standard roses and shrub roses. Always offer the latest rose varieties. Create compositions according to the latest floristic trends. Create compositions according to the latest floristic trends. Use only selected, high-quality flowers and materials in the compositions. Constantly changing and evolving, always trying to surprise you, fulfill all fantasies!!!

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